Favourites of the October and some newbies

New post and new purchases!

Firstly I would like to show you some photos and swatches of my October favourites:


My favourites of October:

1.Maybelline Affinimat in Light Porcelain(the palest of all colors)

Around 6$(bargain)

2.Masło Kakaowe Ziaja (Cacao Butter for Body/Face)

Around 3$

3.Maybelline Colossal Volume Boost (New Purchase- review later)

Around 6$(bargain)

4.Visee Blend Color Cheek(review in previous post)

Around 15$(Bought in Japan)

5.Etude House Shading Corset -Light Shading(review in previous post)

around 6$

6.Sunshine Minerals -Kabuki brush for foudnation and Brush for blush/powder

around 13$(both)

7.Shower Gel with olive by Lirene

around 4$

8.Hada Labo Gokojun Lotion

around 10$

9.Avon Precise Eyeliner in Black

around 6$


 1.Maybelline Affinimatt in Light Porcelain(NEW)

An flat matte foundation(because my old buddies BB Creams suddenly doesn’t look good anymore on my face).Color is a bit too pale for my skin tone(next color wast too dark),lasting power quite good.May be a bit drying but not too much.I think that pump would be more hygienic.

IMG_0175 IMG_0176 IMG_0193 IMG_0180 IMG_0192-001 IMG_0193

2.Avon Precise Eyeliner :Always on Point in Black

One of my best eyeliner! Why?- not too bold not too thin, I can easily adjust the line on my eyes, and everytime I am near finishing ,I just need to close the eyeliner and TADA! like new<3 very cheap and very useful:)HIGHLY Reccomend!

2014-10-21 11.30.28 60657_250 2014-10-21 11.24.56

2014-10-21 11.28.38

3.Maybelline Colossal Volume Boost(yellow one) -one of my wonderfull mascara’s.<3

Every one knows this mascara.I love even the smell of it, and the best fact is that my lashes after application doesn’t look like spider leg^^.

 2014-10-21 11.30.452014-10-21 11.31.032014-10-21 11.28.38

4.Visee Blend Color Cheek ❤ freshly brought from Japan.I love everything about that blush- color is buidable,not too strong and not fair,3-4 perfect mixed colors, and the brush + lovely and stylish package^^ cost a lot of money for me but definietly I reccomed that blush.

IMG_0037 IMG_0038 IMG_0039

5.Etude House Shading Corset-Light Shading

All fangirls of Korean Cosmetics knows very well that brand-quite pricey but worth it’s money.A light shade bronzer, perfect for fair face girl.

                                              2014-10-21 11.20.092014-10-21 11.21.11

6.Sunshine Minerals Kabuki Brush and Flat Top

One for foundation and for :blush/bronzer/powder etc.-small, compact,nice for skin and so comfortable for travel^^

2014-10-21 11.31.25

7.Shower Gel with Olive(Mango fragrance) by Lirene

<3<3 not only wonderfull fragrance but also olive-subtely smelling skin and soft.Very cheap,highly reccomend for dry skin.

8.Hada Labo Gokujun Lotion(liquid type toner).

My favourite toner <3, zero fragrance, perfect for using after peeling/scrub. Only droplet is enough so for sure I will be using this for longer time.

Only downfall is the price+shipping fee if I would like to buy this on internet:(

2014-10-21 11.31.45

9.Masło Kakaowe – Ziaja./Cacaco Butter by Ziaja

The best moistuzer of all time. Wonderful- sweet fragrance of cocoa, subtly color on face(Producent promise that after using systematicaly our skin would look better, and it is true.

                                      2014-10-21 11.32.332014-10-21 11.32.53

Cupcake please!

Hello beauties:)

Tonight,I would like to write short (as always ) review on my newest purchase:):D

Tonight super start is Etude House Sweet Recipe Cup Cake All Over Color in OR 202 which is Peach Sugar Pie

My thought: smell delicious, package cute and adorable (as all EH things:)) ,color is pretty, but if your cheek has a more pinky color like mine-you will find that a small swipe of product won’t be enough. You can of course build up the color but Or202 is slight sheen and not so pigmented.Still color suit me very well.

Swatches of product on my face,eyes, lips for you and of course crappy photos os product itself:)

2014-03-18 15.43.57 2014-03-18 15.44.32 2014-03-18 15.44.44 2014-03-18 15.45.08 2014-03-18 15.45.44 2014-03-18 15.49.34 2014-03-18 15.51.29 2014-03-18 15.55.27 2014-03-18 15.59.30 2014-03-18 16.01.57

Let’s Glow!-Technic Highlighter

Trying to make up for my late abssencee:)

Today for evening

Technic Highlighter

Product and swatches on my hand

2014-03-07 11.42.26 2014-03-07 11.42.53









Swatches on my cheek( below the eye on left) -little smudge of light
2014-03-07 11.44.11









Short opinion

Truthfully I wanted to buy a Tony Moly Crystal Light Beam in Pink, but since I have never used a highlither in liquid form I decided to buy a cheaper (polish) version of such product-and I don’t regret:)
Highlighter has a slight pink color, but on face it changes to slight smudge of white pearl -but Thanks Godness these highlither glow isn’t like ones from market place:D Very nice healthy glow.

I love it:D!

Price 6$

Rating 5/5

Good start for new week-Etude House Sweet Recipe Base Choux-Mint Choux

Good Afternoon:)

Today very short reviews about

Etude House Baby Choux Base (Tube)-Mint

Mint Baby Choux Base is indeed mint color and dedicated to girls who fights(like me) with red skin.

I tried a lot of various bases and bb creams who would help me hide somehow my red cheeks.

I already bought Lioele Dollish BB Vita Cream(green color) who help me a little to cover that annoying redness on my face, but after 2-3 hours red color come back==.

That’s why i decided to invest in green bases.My first base was Lovely Me:ex Base #Green Matte(total fail, shiny skin after 2 hours and didn’t cover redness at all) and now TADA! my 2 second green base.

Scent is really nice, smoothly glides on skin, and slightly cover the reddness but the redness come back:( I look like I would have a fever==)

3rd photo is my (busoo) face with EH Choux Base and secon one is my not so scary anymore face with Lioele Dollish BB Vita Cream in Green and Baby Choux Base.

My bare face was posted sometime ago(don’t have guts to post it again:D:D)

Let me know how that Baby Base work on you:)

2013-09-16 14.09.43 2013-09-16 14.10.12 2013-09-16 14.13.24 2013-09-16 14.24.53