Long time no see and New review

Long time no see girls:D A lot of thing came up so I had to go on temporary hiatus:( but Here I am with new review:D

Peripera Love Fairly Tint Glow Stick in No.02 Love is a play<3

Finally I found a tint from PeriPera that fit my preferences~

Not too sticky,nice glow, color is also buidable.

Package as always cute and girly~

That how the color looks on picture ~:


and photos from me:

Tint has a very lovely shade of pink.Not to light,and not to pinky ala Barbie pink.

Another good point of this tint is staying power. I was suprised how long it stayed on my lips-about 5 hours,and during that time I drank a lot of drinks.

The intensity of color is of course buildable.

price: around 11$ on http://cosmetic.jolse.com/

Rating 5/5

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