Innisfree Autumn 2013 New Collection


I am so sorry that post is so late>< a lot of things came up to do and bla bla.

Let’s go.

Last week I mentioned that i decided to purchase the Innisfree New Lips Collection Products and finally they arrived.

Honestly the colors dissapointed me a bit …

The products and swatches on hand.

Package is classic and stylish. nothing to flashy and cute.

Colors..on hand they look very pretty.aren’t they? but on lips they looks a lot of darker(gloss) and the pink lipstick is more barbie pink like bubble gum.

INFO: I tried to catch the best light to show you real colors but on photos the lipstick(1st photo) is pretty and light, in reality is a bit different. I will try tommor with make up show you the lipstick:) the lipgloss is more darker then on photos(close to swatche on hand)

2013-09-25 10.33.11 2013-09-25 10.34.07
















On Lips :Lipstick Soft Cloud Pink #02 and below Glossy Laquer #03 Autumn Rose Pink

2013-09-25 11.15.31 2013-09-25 11.16.28 2013-09-25 11.18.18 2013-09-25 11.18.33


Very Late post

Hello My Dear Ladies!

Last week I received package, but a lot of things appeared and well forgot to publish this;)

In package I found:

1. It’s Skin Baby Face BB Cream #Silky

2.The Face Shop Make Me Superstar Waterproof Gel Liner #01 Black Cat

3.It’s Skin Mini Tint Gloss #Cherry Syrup

4.Samples as always , most of them I gave m best friend:d but one save for myself:

Too Cool For School -Rules of Trouble BB cream Sample( samples are quite expensive)

Let’s start from main products!

1.It’s Skin Baby Face BB cream #Silky

I really like this little bb cream,

  • is indeed silky,
  • light on skin,
  • coverage is decent,easy
  • easy to build up more coverage
  • Price-$ around 7$
  • Adorable package
  • No problem with applications
  • The bb cream doesn’t leak out from cap:):)
  • last around 3-4 hours(I have oily skin )

Points: 5/5

2013-09-19 11.11.36 2013-09-20 15.42.46

The swatches:

As in usual order : on hand smudged and not smudged, unblended on cheek, cheek with blended bb cream, bare cheek, comparision no make up /bb cream , close ups, face covered in BB cream

2013-09-19 11.12.09 2013-09-19 11.12.25 2013-09-19 11.12.59 2013-09-19 11.14.26 2013-09-19 11.14.47 2013-09-19 11.15.09 2013-09-19 11.16.28
































2.The Face Shop Make Me Super Star Waterproof Gel Liner.

2013-09-19 11.17.03 2013-09-19 11.19.44 2013-09-19 11.20.02

2 nd photo :smudged

3 rd photo:Not smudged

My Opinion:

  • about waterproof – strong but not “oil proof”Xd at all ;after applications on my lid , when evening came ,eyeliner got smudged all over in my outer eye corner and some got smudged on my upper eyelid:(
  • The consistence of this gel liner is perfect for smoky eyes make -up, the rubber on the end of liner will help you smudge on your eye lid the lines.
  • glitters are not available
  • easy applications

Points: 4/5
























3.It’s Skin Mini Tint Gloss #Cherry Syrub

Swatches on hand,after application,  10 Minutes ,and 20 minutes  after

My opinion:

  1. nice scent(cherry)
  2. cute and small package
  3. adorable color, good for girls who preser light colored tint
  4. not so long lasting # Mango lasted a bit more.
  5. consistence is like the title says:a bit glossy but not sticky

Points: 4/5

2013-09-19 11.21.38 2013-09-19 12.47.00 2013-09-19 12.49.15 2013-09-19 13.10.55





















4. Too Cool for School -Rules of Trouble BB cream

I was really happy that seller picked these samples, because i read a lot of good reviews, and really wanted to buy samples first but the samples itself are around 5-6$ for small 3 items..while other samples you can get for 3-4$ for 10 samples.

So yes very glad that received this sample.

Swatches , on hand ,close ups, and overview of BB cream on my face.

My opinion:

  • coverage from medium to strong
  • effect glow
  • last around 5 hours
  • nice scent
  • too glowing for oily skin.
  • 3/5

2013-09-20 15.41.142013-09-20 12.35.502013-09-20 12.40.042013-09-20 12.36.08




















See you soon:)

Good start for new week-Etude House Sweet Recipe Base Choux-Mint Choux

Good Afternoon:)

Today very short reviews about

Etude House Baby Choux Base (Tube)-Mint

Mint Baby Choux Base is indeed mint color and dedicated to girls who fights(like me) with red skin.

I tried a lot of various bases and bb creams who would help me hide somehow my red cheeks.

I already bought Lioele Dollish BB Vita Cream(green color) who help me a little to cover that annoying redness on my face, but after 2-3 hours red color come back==.

That’s why i decided to invest in green bases.My first base was Lovely Me:ex Base #Green Matte(total fail, shiny skin after 2 hours and didn’t cover redness at all) and now TADA! my 2 second green base.

Scent is really nice, smoothly glides on skin, and slightly cover the reddness but the redness come back:( I look like I would have a fever==)

3rd photo is my (busoo) face with EH Choux Base and secon one is my not so scary anymore face with Lioele Dollish BB Vita Cream in Green and Baby Choux Base.

My bare face was posted sometime ago(don’t have guts to post it again:D:D)

Let me know how that Baby Base work on you:)

2013-09-16 14.09.43 2013-09-16 14.10.12 2013-09-16 14.13.24 2013-09-16 14.24.53

Hello beautifulls^^

How was your weekend passed by?

Mine quite good:)

Let’s move on the main topic-INNISFREE NEW LIPS Collection:D

Recently I saw on that Innisfree launched a new collection for Lipgloss with name : Innisfree Glossy Lip Laquer( I picked #03 Autumn Rose Pink)

Commercial Photo and Color Range

Noname1 Noname2 Noname3

NEW LIPSTICK LINEColor Glow Lipstick
Such a Lovely and bright colors( Mine color is #2 Soft Cloud Pink)

Noname4 Noname5 Noname6