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Innisfree Autumn 2013 New Collection


I am so sorry that post is so late>< a lot of things came up to do and bla bla.

Let’s go.

Last week I mentioned that i decided to purchase the Innisfree New Lips Collection Products and finally they arrived.

Honestly the colors dissapointed me a bit …

The products and swatches on hand.

Package is classic and stylish. nothing to flashy and cute.

Colors..on hand they look very pretty.aren’t they? but on lips they looks a lot of darker(gloss) and the pink lipstick is more barbie pink like bubble gum.

INFO: I tried to catch the best light to show you real colors but on photos the lipstick(1st photo) is pretty and light, in reality is a bit different. I will try tommor with make up show you the lipstick:) the lipgloss is more darker then on photos(close to swatche on hand)

2013-09-25 10.33.11 2013-09-25 10.34.07
















On Lips :Lipstick Soft Cloud Pink #02 and below Glossy Laquer #03 Autumn Rose Pink

2013-09-25 11.15.31 2013-09-25 11.16.28 2013-09-25 11.18.18 2013-09-25 11.18.33



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