Korean cosmetic new order and 2 skin care awesome recommendations:D

Okay 😀

NonameOnce again i ordered beauty junkie from Korea :D:D hhaha:D happy mood!!!

i really this time can’t wait until it arrives:D<3 

Etude House Rose Collection:D

I ordered :

Etude House Rose Tint Lips in Tea Rose#7

Etude House &Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil Be103 Beige

Etude House Face Corset-Light Shading #4

Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk  #PK001

And my favorite Eyeliner that i love so much and already has 5 color^^ 

Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner #2-Black Crystal


Today i would like to also show you my skin care product which had been helpin my skin a lot(oily and get dirty very fast)

1.Yoskine Sapphire Peeling for Normal/Mixed Skin-thank to this baby i have smooth skin and bb cream and cc cream etc are gliding very smoothly and don’t leave any smudge on face.

this is polish product but i am sure that any Sapphire Peeling would be awesome

2.Argile Du Soleis-Green Natural Clay In Tube for Oily and Problematic Skin.

no 2 in my skin care ranking.-Perfect clearing effect, clear skin.matte and healthy looking.

really recommend that beauty products:)

See You soon and have a nice day!

ah! the last photo are swatches:d the blue one is Peeling-with super little tiny particles/almost like powdered peeling^^ and the green- Clay after few minutes color change to light green and dry on skin:D

yoskine-mikrodermabrazja-domowa-przeciwzmarszczkowy-peeling-szafirowy-dla-cery-normalnej-i-mieszanej_0_b zielona-glinka-w-tubie-montmorillonite 2013-08-28 13.42.52

Tony Moly Crystal Blusher #3 Salmon Pitch

Hello again!

Today the swatch and my opinion on Tony Moly Crystal Blusher that i got long time ago but somehow forgot to swatch it:D

Color is very subtle and somehow also enough pigmented.

as the name tells it’s very light peachy color:D

My skin has pale light tones with pink undertones, but on cheeks there is annoying pink color.My BB creams however are able to cover it more or less.

I hope you can see sth on my cheek- i put 2 layers on my cheek and 3 layers on my hand.

Color is very pretty:)

But i am looking now something more pinky since I am winter type color skin:D

Anyone suggestions?

2013-08-26 17.56.55 2013-08-26 18.02.50 ja1 ja2

Very Good Monday:D

It arrived! my new order from Seul^^

1.It’s Skin Baby Face Pore Powder.

2.PeriPera Jelly Tint Stick  Pink Stick #2

3.Holika Holika Jewel Light Eyeliner #11 Light Amber

4.Tony Moly Petit Bunny Glos #5 Juicy Peach<3

and few other samples
2013-08-26 12.52.10

1.Holika Holika Jewel Light Eyeliner #11 Light Amber, The light Brown isn’t so light..more like medium brown.but still i love that series/smoothly glides on skin and very long lasting(based on previous color)

2013-08-26 13.05.08
2013-08-26 13.38.27

My Natural lip color:^^

2013-08-26 13.01.45

2.Tony Moly Peiti Bunny Gloss Bar #5 Juicy Peach

Legendary Peach:d beautiful collor, application without problems, and the package
2013-08-26 13.03.032013-08-26 13.11.21 2013-08-26 13.03.23

3.Peripera Jelly Tint Stick #2 Pink Stick .Honetly i am slightly disappointed. i thought that color will start to adapt instantly and the “pink” will show off.but even after the 3 layers the color is almost invisible.and i don’t know if only my tint doesnt screw normally because when i want to close the jelly stick even after twisting down the stick wont hide the jelly.and it got smearing all over package==

2013-08-26 12.59.43

2013-08-26 13.01.17

2013-08-26 12.59.28

4.It’s Skin Baby Face Pore Powder

7$ for so small powder..inside there is very tiny of that powder .

2013-08-24 11.34.04

2013-08-24 11.32.41

My Face with Baby skin pore powder and Holika Bb Cream Clearing:)

And swatches of my new products on hand:

2013-08-26 14.19.24