Cupcake please!

Hello beauties:)

Tonight,I would like to write short (as always ) review on my newest purchase:):D

Tonight super start is Etude House Sweet Recipe Cup Cake All Over Color in OR 202 which is Peach Sugar Pie

My thought: smell delicious, package cute and adorable (as all EH things:)) ,color is pretty, but if your cheek has a more pinky color like mine-you will find that a small swipe of product won’t be enough. You can of course build up the color but Or202 is slight sheen and not so pigmented.Still color suit me very well.

Swatches of product on my face,eyes, lips for you and of course crappy photos os product itself:)

2014-03-18 15.43.57 2014-03-18 15.44.32 2014-03-18 15.44.44 2014-03-18 15.45.08 2014-03-18 15.45.44 2014-03-18 15.49.34 2014-03-18 15.51.29 2014-03-18 15.55.27 2014-03-18 15.59.30 2014-03-18 16.01.57

Let’s Glow!-Technic Highlighter

Trying to make up for my late abssencee:)

Today for evening

Technic Highlighter

Product and swatches on my hand

2014-03-07 11.42.26 2014-03-07 11.42.53









Swatches on my cheek( below the eye on left) -little smudge of light
2014-03-07 11.44.11









Short opinion

Truthfully I wanted to buy a Tony Moly Crystal Light Beam in Pink, but since I have never used a highlither in liquid form I decided to buy a cheaper (polish) version of such product-and I don’t regret:)
Highlighter has a slight pink color, but on face it changes to slight smudge of white pearl -but Thanks Godness these highlither glow isn’t like ones from market place:D Very nice healthy glow.

I love it:D!

Price 6$

Rating 5/5

SKIN79 VIP GOLD COLLECTION Super Plus Beblesh Balm -short review

Heloooo:D there and back again!

Today I will post a few swatches and my really short (as usual) opinion on my new purchases and day after tomorrow I will try posting swatches of few Avon Samples and my new(maybe an old already) lippie products:)

For the starter:
SKIN79 VIP GOLD COLLECTION Super Plus Beblesh Balm

Last time when I received a bag of 12 samples from shop inside there was a interesting samples- Skin 79 VIP…which somehow (usually Skin 79 bb creams are to shiny for me) fit me very well-Slight glow, nice covering and really not so white cast on face.

Bare face without BB cream

2014-03-07 11.35.54 2014-03-07 11.36.05

Face with BB cream

2014-03-07 11.41.16

Swatches and photo of product( sample and 25 g version)

Opinion : not so oily( quite good for oily skin,) not so shiny(slight but looks healthy), good coverage without making a mask on face.Very good staying power ,I have put this bb cream around 10 am and now is around 8 pm and still has a lot of bb cream on my face)

2014-03-06 15.24.18

2014-03-07 11.36.36