Sunday swatches<3

Hello there! I am finally in my new flat so I have a little bit of free time.



Creamy texture and peachy pink color. Very nice color but staying power isn’t so great 😦


big_1260483993539fed5a44a5d eglips eglips2






At first I got a flashy orange color on lips but after taking most of the tint and waiting a few minutes-color changed to classic pink. As all tint it was very hard for me to take of the color with my usual make up remover. The only thing I don’t like about this tint is -drynessI felt on lips.


tint peripera beforetint peripera afterIMG_0023









OMG.Japan and her lipstick and lipglossess- pink everywhere.Even red color has a hint of pink in it. Glamourous Rouge is typical pink but the applicator of gloss is bit annoying…and if you don’t have a smooth lips like me this gloss will point out your dry lips skin.

IMG_0124 IMG_0008











4.KANEBO KATE Lip Gloss PK-2

I hoped for nice pink lip gloss but it turned to be slighty colored, mostly transparent. A bit sticky formula. Lasting power is  average.













As name of the eyeshadows says the color range is very nude tones. Althought all eyeshadows in Japan has a glitter and too much powder this precious baby is very silky and colors are beautiful^^ Peferct for date, for hanging out and for girls who like neutral tones.

IMG_0040 IMG_0041 IMG_0139

2014-10-05 14.10.28 IMG_0143
















A mix o pretty pink colors that blend wonderfully on cheek- althought that you can build pink blush from healthy pink to “fever pink”:D you will find it rather subtle mix.

IMG_0037 IMG_0038 IMG_0039

How about Apple Green?

Today I would like to post a few swatches of Karadium  Lip Tint Stick in Apple Green #03 and BBIA SHADE AND SHADOW #Charm

Let’s get started!


In tube stick is a real green but after application it turn in to glowy pink color.

The name says “.lip” but on official site we can see that we can use this tint also like a cheek tint!

Application with no problem- smoothly glides on lips and give them a good moisture.

After glow effect wear out the stain stays on lips around 2-3 hours.

2014-06-17 18.12.37 2014-06-17 13.15.37 2014-06-17 13.47.12 2014-06-17 13.49.35








last time I posted a review of BBIA S&S in Moody, and after that shadow I fell in love with this brand.

Charm is softl beige-pinky shadow, for girls who like cute and natural make up.

(on hand second swatch!)

2014-06-17 18.12.12 2014-06-17 13.43.39 2014-06-17 13.43.11 2014-06-17 13.42.12





















See you soon!





Long time no see and New review

Long time no see girls:D A lot of thing came up so I had to go on temporary hiatus:( but Here I am with new review:D

Peripera Love Fairly Tint Glow Stick in No.02 Love is a play<3

Finally I found a tint from PeriPera that fit my preferences~

Not too sticky,nice glow, color is also buidable.

Package as always cute and girly~

That how the color looks on picture ~:


and photos from me:

Tint has a very lovely shade of pink.Not to light,and not to pinky ala Barbie pink.

Another good point of this tint is staying power. I was suprised how long it stayed on my lips-about 5 hours,and during that time I drank a lot of drinks.

The intensity of color is of course buildable.

price: around 11$ on

Rating 5/5

2013-12-02 18.01.16 2013-12-31 14.13.082013-12-03 13.42.162013-12-03 13.44.20

Very Late post

Hello My Dear Ladies!

Last week I received package, but a lot of things appeared and well forgot to publish this;)

In package I found:

1. It’s Skin Baby Face BB Cream #Silky

2.The Face Shop Make Me Superstar Waterproof Gel Liner #01 Black Cat

3.It’s Skin Mini Tint Gloss #Cherry Syrup

4.Samples as always , most of them I gave m best friend:d but one save for myself:

Too Cool For School -Rules of Trouble BB cream Sample( samples are quite expensive)

Let’s start from main products!

1.It’s Skin Baby Face BB cream #Silky

I really like this little bb cream,

  • is indeed silky,
  • light on skin,
  • coverage is decent,easy
  • easy to build up more coverage
  • Price-$ around 7$
  • Adorable package
  • No problem with applications
  • The bb cream doesn’t leak out from cap:):)
  • last around 3-4 hours(I have oily skin )

Points: 5/5

2013-09-19 11.11.36 2013-09-20 15.42.46

The swatches:

As in usual order : on hand smudged and not smudged, unblended on cheek, cheek with blended bb cream, bare cheek, comparision no make up /bb cream , close ups, face covered in BB cream

2013-09-19 11.12.09 2013-09-19 11.12.25 2013-09-19 11.12.59 2013-09-19 11.14.26 2013-09-19 11.14.47 2013-09-19 11.15.09 2013-09-19 11.16.28
































2.The Face Shop Make Me Super Star Waterproof Gel Liner.

2013-09-19 11.17.03 2013-09-19 11.19.44 2013-09-19 11.20.02

2 nd photo :smudged

3 rd photo:Not smudged

My Opinion:

  • about waterproof – strong but not “oil proof”Xd at all ;after applications on my lid , when evening came ,eyeliner got smudged all over in my outer eye corner and some got smudged on my upper eyelid:(
  • The consistence of this gel liner is perfect for smoky eyes make -up, the rubber on the end of liner will help you smudge on your eye lid the lines.
  • glitters are not available
  • easy applications

Points: 4/5
























3.It’s Skin Mini Tint Gloss #Cherry Syrub

Swatches on hand,after application,  10 Minutes ,and 20 minutes  after

My opinion:

  1. nice scent(cherry)
  2. cute and small package
  3. adorable color, good for girls who preser light colored tint
  4. not so long lasting # Mango lasted a bit more.
  5. consistence is like the title says:a bit glossy but not sticky

Points: 4/5

2013-09-19 11.21.38 2013-09-19 12.47.00 2013-09-19 12.49.15 2013-09-19 13.10.55





















4. Too Cool for School -Rules of Trouble BB cream

I was really happy that seller picked these samples, because i read a lot of good reviews, and really wanted to buy samples first but the samples itself are around 5-6$ for small 3 items..while other samples you can get for 3-4$ for 10 samples.

So yes very glad that received this sample.

Swatches , on hand ,close ups, and overview of BB cream on my face.

My opinion:

  • coverage from medium to strong
  • effect glow
  • last around 5 hours
  • nice scent
  • too glowing for oily skin.
  • 3/5

2013-09-20 15.41.142013-09-20 12.35.502013-09-20 12.40.042013-09-20 12.36.08




















See you soon:)