Korean Lips Products and Eye Liners!

Hi again!

Today i had a little more time than yesterday so i decided to show you my little collection of Korean Lippies and Eye Products:)

For starter: Lips Products :Top-Bottom: 

1st.photo Product 2 nd photo:  right away after application:  1.Etude house Kissful Tint Choux #4 Tangerine Choux , 2.It’s Skin Mini Tint Gloss Syrub# Mango Syrub,3. It’s Skin Baby Face Jelly Tint #T omato Red, 4.Etude House&Rose Rosy Tint Lips #7 Tea Rose, 5.Missha The Style Beautiful Tint #01 Moist Pink , 6. Peripera Tint Jelly Stick #01 Pink Stick , 7.Peripera tint Milky Peach ,8. Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint # Pink Cherry,9.Lovely Me:ex Happy Chu Lips(tinted lip balm) #RED301 10.Tony Moly Petit Bunny  Gloss bar (tinted balm) #Juicy Peach, 11.Holika Holika Juicy Shine Balm #Watermelon(tinted lip balm)

2013-09-10 15.31.382013-09-011                                                                             Swipped with tissue:)

fbhjzdgfjg2013-09-10 16.12.15From wrist side: Etude House

Dear my Lip-talk #BE101

Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips

#Jelly Pink #PK001

Eye Pencils

From Left : Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliners #02 Black Crystal, #05 Dark Amber , #08 Pink Topaz , #11 Light Amber, #15 Burgandy Garnet, #16 Black Plum ,Etude House with Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil #BE103 , Etude House Nuance Duo #3 Coral&Cubik Pink ,The Face shop Make me Superstar Gel Liner #6 Celebrity

1st photo-Products, 2nd-Not Smudged lines, 3.After Smudging.

Soon i will upload Review with The Face Shop Make Super Star Gel liner #01 Black Cat and It’s Skin Mini tint Gloss Syrup #Cherry Syrup

Baby Face BB cream , Etude House Choux Base-Mint Choux, and after some time -Extreme Bold pen Liner from Face it!

sites with these babies: http://cosmetic.jolse.com/http://cosmetic-love.com/http://myworld.ebay.com/iamlove-shop  http://www.ebay.com/usr/f2plus1

2013-09-10 15.49.03


2013-09-10 15.52.30

Missha The Beautifull Style Tint#01 Pink

Hello Ladies^^

Today another post came^^

Missha The Beautifull Style Tint #1 Pink Moist

The last two photos: after few minutes and swatches smudged.

Tint is very dry so i would reccomend put on that tint -lip balm. i put Neutrogena.

NEXT Today Post: “Little shopping and Black Liquid and Gel Liner swatches and comparision^^

2013-09-06 13.45.37 2013-09-06 13.46.482013-09-06 13.47.082013-09-06 13.48.432013-09-06 13.47.27

PIC heavy.Missha CC BB cream Signature Beige short review and Face Shop Make me Superstar waterproof gel liner#6


Last time i ordered and bought a few things:)

So here it goes:,

1.Samples of Missha CC Cream Beige -(Black tube) + Face shop Make me Superstar Waterproof Eyeliner #6 Celebrity( Very Dark Olive with glitters)

And photos of products,swatches on hand,face, and Liner on eye:)

:Photo no 1 -the Products,no.2 Face it Make Me… swatches on hand-smudged and not smudged,no.3 on my eye^^

2nd Row -My bare face to sse the before and after with Missha CC BB cream==

3nd row: swatches on hand-first not blended and blended and applicated on my face plus Foto with blended on cheek.

4 row: Half face with BB CC cream and photo to see any difference with 50/50 covered face.

5row :Second photo – after 30 minutes and my jawline to check if my neck is different /lighter than face)

6 row: after 2 hours.


Missha Cordinating CC BB Cream -Beige.


+Medium —-Good coverage

+stay long on face

+good for more adult skin

– i got a feeling like with normal matte foundation- you can see on your face the color.

– a bit too dark for my fair skin, even after blending.

-Mask a like on face.

-Not good on warm/hot weather.

—would i buy it again?–NOPE

Face it Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner#6 Celebrity

+good for smoky eyes

+easy for smudging

+stay long

+lovely pearls

+nice color

-Would I buy it again?-YES and Already ordered Black Cat:D#1

2013-09-05 11.38.55 2013-09-05 11.39.43 2013-09-05 12.31.012013-09-05 11.49.45 2013-09-05 11.50.32 2013-09-05 11.50.54 2013-09-05 11.52.46 2013-09-05 11.53.09 2013-09-05 11.55.22 2013-09-05 11.55.58 2013-09-05 11.56.08  2013-09-05 12.21.36 
2013-09-05 13.06.17 2013-09-05 13.06.30