Sunday swatches<3

Hello there! I am finally in my new flat so I have a little bit of free time.



Creamy texture and peachy pink color. Very nice color but staying power isn’t so great 😦


big_1260483993539fed5a44a5d eglips eglips2






At first I got a flashy orange color on lips but after taking most of the tint and waiting a few minutes-color changed to classic pink. As all tint it was very hard for me to take of the color with my usual make up remover. The only thing I don’t like about this tint is -drynessI felt on lips.


tint peripera beforetint peripera afterIMG_0023









OMG.Japan and her lipstick and lipglossess- pink everywhere.Even red color has a hint of pink in it. Glamourous Rouge is typical pink but the applicator of gloss is bit annoying…and if you don’t have a smooth lips like me this gloss will point out your dry lips skin.

IMG_0124 IMG_0008











4.KANEBO KATE Lip Gloss PK-2

I hoped for nice pink lip gloss but it turned to be slighty colored, mostly transparent. A bit sticky formula. Lasting power is  average.













As name of the eyeshadows says the color range is very nude tones. Althought all eyeshadows in Japan has a glitter and too much powder this precious baby is very silky and colors are beautiful^^ Peferct for date, for hanging out and for girls who like neutral tones.

IMG_0040 IMG_0041 IMG_0139

2014-10-05 14.10.28 IMG_0143
















A mix o pretty pink colors that blend wonderfully on cheek- althought that you can build pink blush from healthy pink to “fever pink”:D you will find it rather subtle mix.

IMG_0037 IMG_0038 IMG_0039

Long time no see and New review

Long time no see girls:D A lot of thing came up so I had to go on temporary hiatus:( but Here I am with new review:D

Peripera Love Fairly Tint Glow Stick in No.02 Love is a play<3

Finally I found a tint from PeriPera that fit my preferences~

Not too sticky,nice glow, color is also buidable.

Package as always cute and girly~

That how the color looks on picture ~:


and photos from me:

Tint has a very lovely shade of pink.Not to light,and not to pinky ala Barbie pink.

Another good point of this tint is staying power. I was suprised how long it stayed on my lips-about 5 hours,and during that time I drank a lot of drinks.

The intensity of color is of course buildable.

price: around 11$ on

Rating 5/5

2013-12-02 18.01.16 2013-12-31 14.13.082013-12-03 13.42.162013-12-03 13.44.20

Korean Lips Products and Eye Liners!

Hi again!

Today i had a little more time than yesterday so i decided to show you my little collection of Korean Lippies and Eye Products:)

For starter: Lips Products :Top-Bottom: Product 2 nd photo:  right away after application:  1.Etude house Kissful Tint Choux #4 Tangerine Choux , 2.It’s Skin Mini Tint Gloss Syrub# Mango Syrub,3. It’s Skin Baby Face Jelly Tint #T omato Red, 4.Etude House&Rose Rosy Tint Lips #7 Tea Rose, 5.Missha The Style Beautiful Tint #01 Moist Pink , 6. Peripera Tint Jelly Stick #01 Pink Stick , 7.Peripera tint Milky Peach ,8. Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint # Pink Cherry,9.Lovely Me:ex Happy Chu Lips(tinted lip balm) #RED301 10.Tony Moly Petit Bunny  Gloss bar (tinted balm) #Juicy Peach, 11.Holika Holika Juicy Shine Balm #Watermelon(tinted lip balm)

2013-09-10 15.31.382013-09-011                                                                             Swipped with tissue:)

fbhjzdgfjg2013-09-10 16.12.15From wrist side: Etude House

Dear my Lip-talk #BE101

Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips

#Jelly Pink #PK001

Eye Pencils

From Left : Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliners #02 Black Crystal, #05 Dark Amber , #08 Pink Topaz , #11 Light Amber, #15 Burgandy Garnet, #16 Black Plum ,Etude House with Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil #BE103 , Etude House Nuance Duo #3 Coral&Cubik Pink ,The Face shop Make me Superstar Gel Liner #6 Celebrity

1st photo-Products, 2nd-Not Smudged lines, 3.After Smudging.

Soon i will upload Review with The Face Shop Make Super Star Gel liner #01 Black Cat and It’s Skin Mini tint Gloss Syrup #Cherry Syrup

Baby Face BB cream , Etude House Choux Base-Mint Choux, and after some time -Extreme Bold pen Liner from Face it!

sites with these babies:

2013-09-10 15.49.03


2013-09-10 15.52.30

Very Good Monday:D

It arrived! my new order from Seul^^

1.It’s Skin Baby Face Pore Powder.

2.PeriPera Jelly Tint Stick  Pink Stick #2

3.Holika Holika Jewel Light Eyeliner #11 Light Amber

4.Tony Moly Petit Bunny Glos #5 Juicy Peach<3

and few other samples
2013-08-26 12.52.10

1.Holika Holika Jewel Light Eyeliner #11 Light Amber, The light Brown isn’t so light..more like medium brown.but still i love that series/smoothly glides on skin and very long lasting(based on previous color)

2013-08-26 13.05.08
2013-08-26 13.38.27

My Natural lip color:^^

2013-08-26 13.01.45

2.Tony Moly Peiti Bunny Gloss Bar #5 Juicy Peach

Legendary Peach:d beautiful collor, application without problems, and the package
2013-08-26 13.03.032013-08-26 13.11.21 2013-08-26 13.03.23

3.Peripera Jelly Tint Stick #2 Pink Stick .Honetly i am slightly disappointed. i thought that color will start to adapt instantly and the “pink” will show off.but even after the 3 layers the color is almost invisible.and i don’t know if only my tint doesnt screw normally because when i want to close the jelly stick even after twisting down the stick wont hide the jelly.and it got smearing all over package==

2013-08-26 12.59.43

2013-08-26 13.01.17

2013-08-26 12.59.28

4.It’s Skin Baby Face Pore Powder

7$ for so small powder..inside there is very tiny of that powder .

2013-08-24 11.34.04

2013-08-24 11.32.41

My Face with Baby skin pore powder and Holika Bb Cream Clearing:)

And swatches of my new products on hand:

2013-08-26 14.19.24