Nature Republic Jelly Drop Gloss Short Review and Swatches


It has been a long to hear right?

Very long time indeed.I apologise for so long absence.

Since I have enrolled to totally new University a lot of things are new for me.

Thank godness that somehow people on my major are somehow more oriented and more pro friendly and helpful what won’t erase the fact that I feel like idiot during classes hahah

Now let’s move to my short review:)

Nature Republic Jelly Drop Gloss in Lolly Coral

When I saw the color on website: I have fallen in love with Lolly Coral and lip gloss by itself- pretty light pink and low price 6,75$? please such cheap korean lipgloss.

Unfortunately the color in real life isn’t as pretty as in photos.

On hand: very very light color almost transparency  /

2013-10-17 13.27.09











On lips: for me it looks like more pink-white.

It is a bit of sticky and if you want a nice color you will have to put at least 3 layers.On first photo I have only one layer and on second photo I have put 2 layers.

2013-10-17 13.24.11 2013-10-17 13.25.14












For nice smell , packaging I give 3/5 points.

But definietly won’t purchase again