Black Eyeliner Comparision and Shortie Reviews!

As always i had too much Free Time and decided to show my Eyeliner small collection.

From Left : Rimmel Scandalous Eye Pen Liner(very good pen liner with quite good black tone, but still not up to good as Face it! Extreme Pen Liner(Fat), Face it! Extreme Fat Pen Liner (my currently no.1:), Avon Perfect Wear Pen Liner #Black( phi! it’s not black at all! it’s slight grey..what a waste of money!) .Catrice Cosmetic -Gel Liner with Goldie Hawn(?)-Black Eyeliner with subtle gold pearl.perfect for smoky eyes-you can smudge that eyeliner without problems:), M.A.C Cream eyeliners set (on the cap) (i think it was a tester because i got them (brown,silver,black) for around 4$:d-Good but not good as previous one, and very fast wears off, ), Miss Sporty Studie Eyeliner -Black -cheap and very good liquid eyeliner.

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PIC heavy.Missha CC BB cream Signature Beige short review and Face Shop Make me Superstar waterproof gel liner#6


Last time i ordered and bought a few things:)

So here it goes:,

1.Samples of Missha CC Cream Beige -(Black tube) + Face shop Make me Superstar Waterproof Eyeliner #6 Celebrity( Very Dark Olive with glitters)

And photos of products,swatches on hand,face, and Liner on eye:)

:Photo no 1 -the Products,no.2 Face it Make Me… swatches on hand-smudged and not smudged,no.3 on my eye^^

2nd Row -My bare face to sse the before and after with Missha CC BB cream==

3nd row: swatches on hand-first not blended and blended and applicated on my face plus Foto with blended on cheek.

4 row: Half face with BB CC cream and photo to see any difference with 50/50 covered face.

5row :Second photo – after 30 minutes and my jawline to check if my neck is different /lighter than face)

6 row: after 2 hours.


Missha Cordinating CC BB Cream -Beige.


+Medium —-Good coverage

+stay long on face

+good for more adult skin

– i got a feeling like with normal matte foundation- you can see on your face the color.

– a bit too dark for my fair skin, even after blending.

-Mask a like on face.

-Not good on warm/hot weather.

—would i buy it again?–NOPE

Face it Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner#6 Celebrity

+good for smoky eyes

+easy for smudging

+stay long

+lovely pearls

+nice color

-Would I buy it again?-YES and Already ordered Black Cat:D#1

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