BB cream test in hot weather pt.1-Skin Food Good Afternoon Peach Tea #1


I decided to do very throughouly test for my 3 bb cream i hot/scorchy weather- it’s summer so let see how my 3 bb cream works during summer.

For start-Skin Food BB cream Good Afternoon Peach Tea #1 Light Beige

I have to say that somehow after application i felt like i have some hot towel on my skin felt like burning! during more chilling weather i didn’t fetl like that..


1st 11.25.  2nd 12.04, 3rd13.52 and 15.14.

Some of BB cream was still on my skin of course the cosmetic pad had a bit of Skin Food.


2013-07-30 11.11.25 2013-07-30 12.04.19 2013-07-30 13.52.49 2013-07-30 15.14.32

New Korean cosmetics


Once i found something interesting i dont hold on.

And today new box ( arrived at my doors:D

Post will be loaded with a lot of photos!

I decided to make a collage


1 1  1row from right swatches on hand:from right: Face it! Extreme Black Bold Pen Liner -one swap!(very pigmented and very black!:D, you know what i mean-some pen liner looks on skin like grey-black ><) The face shop Lovely Happy Chu Lip RD301,( tinted and very pigmented red lip balm, it’s balm but the color is pigmented with one coat you will have a lovely red colored lips^^),Holika Holika Petit BB Cream Clearing– light beige BB cream with matte effect<thanks godness!)

2nd row: from left My <uhhh> bare face without any make up .as you can see it’s oily skin, with primples and red undertones== , next photo: with my 3 new thing:Holika Holika BB cream Clearing(2 layers),Happy Chu Lip Rd301, and Extreme Bold Black Pen Liner .3 rd photo: close up on Pen Liner on my eye^^:)

NEXT Products! on the way:D

Kokeshi doll key holder and korean babies haul


I ‘ making up for my long absessence on internet:D

As you know i had an entrance exams and i feel very unsatisfied and worried since it didn’t go so well.

As “cheering presents” i choose Kokeshi Key Holder( i love Japan very much^^) and few Korean Beauties and above that my books arrived:D:D


2013-07-13 12.45.52

Noname Noname1