Creme Brulee,Tiramisu-and Big Eyes


Today evening I would like to show you my new purchases

1.Maybelline Big Eyes around 6$-7$

2.NYX Butter Lip Gloss in Creme Brulee and Tiramisu

3.NYX Butter Lipstick in Fun Size


Shall we start?

1.Maybelline Big Eyes

Maybelline created a mascara with two brushes : one for upper lashes and second smaller one’s for lower lashes.

I have to say that this stuff is great! It is curl you lashes, make the more”fat” and the smaller for lower lashes brush coat theim in perfect way, no smudges,no clamping.Just brilliant.

As for me: 5/5 points

2014-10-21 11.35.342014-10-21 11.39.022014-10-21 11.35.51

2.NYX Butter Lipstick in Fun Size

It seems that I have found my new favourite lipstick.To be honest I was suprised that this lipstick it is so good, because I have never been a fan of NYX.

However this baby is quite good.It contains a butter(a shea?) and glides on lips without problem, but-there is a one but: you have to have a lips without dry skin, because it may emphasize that.

Color is very adorable and fragrance very sweet.

4/5 ponts

From Bottom :NYX Butter Lipstick Fun Size,Butter Lipgloss Creme Brulee ,Tiramisu

2014-10-22 11.41.20 2014-10-22 11.42.43          2014-10-26 23.25.23


3.NYX Butter Lipgloss Creme Brulee

Almost transparent nude with a touch of pink.Could be better,It is very everyday lipgloss, perfect for putting on matte nude lipstick


2014-10-22 11.46.21 2014-10-26 23.25.53













4.NYX Butter Lipgloss Tiramisu

Nude , perfect nude color,smell very sweet,glide on lips smoothly, really reccommed

2014-10-22 11.49.19
2014-10-26 23.37.37

make up list as for day 18.04.2013 (part 1 )-Lipstick



Here we goo:

Lipstick -30 items

1 st row from top:

Revlon Blush,Rimmel Asia, Rimmel Airy Fairy,Nyx Round Lipstick Frappucino,Black label Lipstick Nyx Satin,Round Lipstick Fortune Cookies,Circle,Black label Nyx lispstick Earth,Round Lipstick Ceto, Nyx Soft Matte lipstick in Stockholm,

2nd row:  

Avon Sparkling Nude,Cappucino,Nude Perfection, MAYBELLINE Luminous Beige,That’s Mauve!, Sunset Daimonds,Caramel Kiss,Choco Pop, Iridescent  Pink daimonds

3rd row:

INGLOT: 855,417 Matte,120,842,114,883/ESSENCE: In the Nude, Look at me! Honey Bee, More to Love /Avon style color- Mirage
2013-04-18 15.10.24

And swatches in the order like in description below photo

1st row

2nd row                                                                  2013-04-18 15.17.392013-04-18 15.23.493rd row
2013-04-18 15.29.15

Future Shopping? my list…never ending

Elf facial shimmering gel in Liliac Petal , Sleek Blush Suede, vatika for hair, Nyx Runaway pallete-Caviar and Bubles, Nyx Black Label Lipstick – Bling,Nyx Love in Florence- Meet my Romeo, Nyx Love in Paris-Let them eat cake (i’am thinking about Gelato for two but the pink-lilac it is a bit to bright)




307-2249-large 379-1322-large 974-2532-large ESP10C03-1__62936 images pobrane (1) pobrane (2)

Nyx Lips new babies part 2

Nyx Black Label Lipstick Satin- nude -gold lipstick, the feeling of lipstick on my lips is amazing creamy soo soft<3

2013-04-05 12.05.50 2013-04-05 12.06.06 2013-04-05 12.06.43











Earthy- i hoped that it will be a more pale pink more cold undertones but well you can’t trust all swatches on internet

2013-04-05 12.03.16 2013-04-05 12.03.32 2013-04-05 12.04.22











Dusty Rose- legendary famous lipstick that i I have read almost everywhere:D -very cool pink color ,first time i have such color on my lips,smooth and creamy


2013-04-05 12.07.48 2013-04-05 12.08.01 2013-04-05 12.08.48