NYX new babies arrived<3

Last week some nyx Babies Arrived:D

1.NYX Let them eat cake -Love in Paris, Be our guest Maurice,/Love in Florence-Meet My Romeo/Caviar and Bubles-Runaway eyeshadow palettes and as gratis- 24 karat Round Lipgloss , the small box is Sleek Blush in Suede<32013-05-06 19.08.48 (1)



and the swatches:

1.Meet my Romeo -Love in Florence

the first from left is very subtle pigmented, without eyeshadow base is almost unvisible. second is white-pinki(subtle) very good option as shadow base for other colors.third one is more pigmented,shiny as other, and the last two almost matte.

2013-05-06 19.11.34










2.Love in Paris-Let them eat cake

Famous pallete from this series ,sweety-sugar eyeshadow ,good for everyday color and also with eyeliner- great for party(for those who preffer the less strong make up)

2013-05-06 19.15.40









Be our guest Maurice-Love in Paris

(above the shadows swatches i put the Sleek Suede Blush)

the lovely Violet-Pinky pallete,i love these color.purple smoky make up or great party-perfect colors

2013-05-06 19.18.07











Caviar&Bubles- Runaway Palette

Faboulous Nude and shimmery browny color.

i am totally in love with this palette.

2013-05-06 19.22.23











Overall Rating of all palettes: 8/10


Lovely colors,nice package , colors suit for everyone, price is also low


Staying power is very short, and they are too much -way too much powdery!

Anyway i think will try in future to purchase other version:)

NEXT: HOLIK HOLIKA Jewel Light Eyeliners! and Tony Moly Mono eyeshadow!






Liners swatch for eye and lips


This time extra post with my Lip/eye liners with swatches too! full collection!

1st :

NYX eyeliners:from left Silky Cashmere,Gold Olive,Lime Green,24 karat,Carcoal,Velvet,Sappihre,Cafe,latte,Silver

2013-04-26 13.19.00









2nd :  from left: Essence Bling Bling, essence coolest chic /AVON: Super shock Golden Fawn,Black/,Mega Impact Cobalt,Black Super shock  Berry/ Daimond Sparkle: Twilight Sparkle,Black Ice,Smokey daimond, Emerald Glow, the same row: Retrable eyeliner Avon Majestic Plum Mocha flash(chrome)

3nd row:smooth minerals earth,Julliet Dempsay: PLUM,DARK BROWN Black Color trend avon Deep Turqoise

2013-04-26 13.19.17









3rd photo and 4 rd photos

3:some chinese brand from ebay and the last two: Yes Rocher(don’t remember the name)//4:

Essence lip liner Satin Mauve,Inglot 58,Essence Red Blush,In the  nude ,Avon eyeshadow in big pencil(probably discountinued -Berry, Lovely :Berry?, Violet, Essence Black

2013-04-26 13.27.55 2013-04-26 13.28.10

Ebay crazy shopping :D


I got a lot of cash and decided to spend it on ebay -NYX

Noname that how my cart looks:D can’t wait until i get these babies in my hands:D

and as you can see i especially love lipstick so, i bought (hope to be the last one )INGLOT LIPSTICK 844- i looked for a color similar to politely pink MAC or BLING NYX sorry for lower quality but my phone is below the standard==2013-04-26 12.27.59 2013-04-26 12.52.43 2013-04-26 12.27.36




Future Shopping? my list…never ending

Elf facial shimmering gel in Liliac Petal , Sleek Blush Suede, vatika for hair, Nyx Runaway pallete-Caviar and Bubles, Nyx Black Label Lipstick – Bling,Nyx Love in Florence- Meet my Romeo, Nyx Love in Paris-Let them eat cake (i’am thinking about Gelato for two but the pink-lilac it is a bit to bright)




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