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Liners swatch for eye and lips


This time extra post with my Lip/eye liners with swatches too! full collection!

1st :

NYX eyeliners:from left Silky Cashmere,Gold Olive,Lime Green,24 karat,Carcoal,Velvet,Sappihre,Cafe,latte,Silver

2013-04-26 13.19.00









2nd :  from left: Essence Bling Bling, essence coolest chic /AVON: Super shock Golden Fawn,Black/,Mega Impact Cobalt,Black Super shock  Berry/ Daimond Sparkle: Twilight Sparkle,Black Ice,Smokey daimond, Emerald Glow, the same row: Retrable eyeliner Avon Majestic Plum Mocha flash(chrome)

3nd row:smooth minerals earth,Julliet Dempsay: PLUM,DARK BROWN Black Color trend avon Deep Turqoise

2013-04-26 13.19.17









3rd photo and 4 rd photos

3:some chinese brand from ebay and the last two: Yes Rocher(don’t remember the name)//4:

Essence lip liner Satin Mauve,Inglot 58,Essence Red Blush,In the  nude ,Avon eyeshadow in big pencil(probably discountinued -Berry, Lovely :Berry?, Violet, Essence Black

2013-04-26 13.27.55 2013-04-26 13.28.10


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