How about Apple Green?

Today I would like to post a few swatches of Karadium  Lip Tint Stick in Apple Green #03 and BBIA SHADE AND SHADOW #Charm

Let’s get started!


In tube stick is a real green but after application it turn in to glowy pink color.

The name says “.lip” but on official site we can see that we can use this tint also like a cheek tint!

Application with no problem- smoothly glides on lips and give them a good moisture.

After glow effect wear out the stain stays on lips around 2-3 hours.

2014-06-17 18.12.37 2014-06-17 13.15.37 2014-06-17 13.47.12 2014-06-17 13.49.35








last time I posted a review of BBIA S&S in Moody, and after that shadow I fell in love with this brand.

Charm is softl beige-pinky shadow, for girls who like cute and natural make up.

(on hand second swatch!)

2014-06-17 18.12.12 2014-06-17 13.43.39 2014-06-17 13.43.11 2014-06-17 13.42.12





















See you soon!





Moody Angel in Noir~BBIA review


Today I will present you all a very short review and swatches from new orders from Ebay.

Let’s get started!

1.BBIA – Last Auto Gel Eyeliner /Waterproof Shade :Angel

About eyeliner: Really waterproof, slides without problem resisting water and smudge, color is pretty , very pretty, package is stylish not so cute, but my version has a problem-the input? fell out from container.. managed to insert it back but still..

2.BBIA Last Auto Gel Liner…Shade : Noir P.

My favorite one from this series , because the color is fantastic- not clear black but with red/burgundy pearl, like Angel glides very smoothly, also wateproof and resists smudging but slight less than Angel.

3. BBIA Shade and Shadow for both cheek shading. Shade : Moody.

Okay with that one I am confused.. it’s says “cheek” but it is eye shadow./or brows shadow. Eyeshadow is closed is small plactic container.

Color itself is very nude almost skin alike color. One layer is unvisible.I had to use on my eyes a 3-4 layers to see anything. No smell,has a little bit of oil resistance.

PHOTOS: Pink Eyeliner- Angel, Black -Noir P, brown smudge from wrist side- BBIA Moody, and two photos with Moody, Angel and Noir P on my eyes:)

2014-05-28 14.05.38 2014-05-28 13.56.06 2014-05-28 13.55.46 2014-05-28 13.53.15 2014-05-28 13.51.20 2014-05-28 13.49.51