New arrival

Good evening!

After long absence today I would like to present you my new  korean cosmetics.

1.First of all I am very sad because one of the products broke next day after arriving.(after all 2$ difference make a big deal in quality)

My Korean orders are:

-1.Holika Holika Petite BB Cream Essential

I had a very high hopes for this bb cream, because the reviews were very good, saying that this is matte cream with whitening effect.

Matte?- it shines like dog ball after licking<yuck>, for me zero oil control, my face looks like after fitnees times, and face start to shine after 2 hours.

whitening effect?yes. definietly but also brightening.

It seems that from Holika Holika I will stick with Clearing BB cream.

Overal: Too shiny, nice whitetning effect but not fot oily skin.


2014-05-07 17.47.17 2014-05-07 17.47.06 2014-05-07 10.19.09 2014-05-07 10.14.302014-05-07 10.27.05






2.It’s Skin WH Formula -whitening

I have already for Matte effect-and it work very well, so I decided to try for whitening.

I will update the effect after let’s say one month:)
non sticky, absorb quickly, zero smell.


price around 11$

2014-05-07 17.47.30 2014-05-07 17.48.01








3.Loele Stick Eye shadow

Price around 6$

I got two colors -Indigo Pink, which is very subtle pink for everyday wear, very natutal, and somehow more girly than mature.

Producent say’s it is waterproof, bla bla and sweat proof- BULLSHIT, it’s wear off very easily, and smudge in my crease line==, such a shame-I love that color

Second color is Stone Black: Grey/Black color , I ordered that color because Loele created with those two color a smoky pink effect<3

Unfortunately that shadow itself got stuck and fell of:(

I will have to find probably a more pricey shadow so it will be a better quality

2014-05-07 17.50.22
2014-05-07 17.50.34
2014-05-07 10.14.30






4.Tony Moly Whitening Cream -Floria
hehe I heard that Japanese men like a white skin on girl face and since I will be for 3 month in Japan(Nabari)
I gave a thought about whitening a little more my face.
I am already fair but well let’s try.
I am using that samples along with my It’s Skin WH formula:)
Update after month:)
2014-05-07 17.53.48







Absorb in skin very quickly, for me zero smell, and the moisture effect very good:)

Happy Monday and Thuesday


Today it will be a late post,since I was immmersed in learning new “shit” for my test.

Some time ago I ordered on ebay sellers and other site a few things that I wanted to try out and suddenly everything arrived day by day.

Monday till Wednesday I received a lot of new things.

That how it’s looked .

1.White Sleeping Mask:  According to producer mask isn’t sticky-and it is true. Skin absorb it immediately. Lightly Scented.

I can’t tell anything about the effect since I just used it only once but after 2-3 weeks I will write about my opinion if it really whiten skin more or less.

2.Hot Pink Skin 79-Famous all around the world Korean bb cream .

BB cream spread easily, very good coverage slightly whiten your skin but for me is a little too shiny, however the matte setting powder will help.

For today post it will be everything,I received a lot of samples, but I don’t want to open everything at once

2014-01-15 18.19.00

2014-01-14 11.43.18 2014-01-14 11.46.31













2014-01-14 13.55.51Hot Pink Skin 79 on my face along with It’s Skin Sebum Control Oil (the green oneQ10?)+Etude House Choux Base Berry Pink+It’s Skin Baby Face Loose Powder(matte)+Etude House Rose Drawing Pencil Beige+Missha The Style Mascara 4D.+Tony Moly Jewel Blusher(Peach Salmon)+ Etude House Look at My Lips!Jelly Lipstick(tint Pk001)+Tony Moly Bunny Lip Balm(Neon Peach)

2014-01-14 12.11.08

And bonus:

Holika Holika Melting Lip Balm shade 3-Pink

2014-01-11 13.13.41

swatche~very very light everyday pink<3








See ya later and tommor I will try to post mini review about sample of BRTC Whitening and Repairing BB cream + Lioele Pure White Sample Emulsion and Toner.


Very Late post

Hello My Dear Ladies!

Last week I received package, but a lot of things appeared and well forgot to publish this;)

In package I found:

1. It’s Skin Baby Face BB Cream #Silky

2.The Face Shop Make Me Superstar Waterproof Gel Liner #01 Black Cat

3.It’s Skin Mini Tint Gloss #Cherry Syrup

4.Samples as always , most of them I gave m best friend:d but one save for myself:

Too Cool For School -Rules of Trouble BB cream Sample( samples are quite expensive)

Let’s start from main products!

1.It’s Skin Baby Face BB cream #Silky

I really like this little bb cream,

  • is indeed silky,
  • light on skin,
  • coverage is decent,easy
  • easy to build up more coverage
  • Price-$ around 7$
  • Adorable package
  • No problem with applications
  • The bb cream doesn’t leak out from cap:):)
  • last around 3-4 hours(I have oily skin )

Points: 5/5

2013-09-19 11.11.36 2013-09-20 15.42.46

The swatches:

As in usual order : on hand smudged and not smudged, unblended on cheek, cheek with blended bb cream, bare cheek, comparision no make up /bb cream , close ups, face covered in BB cream

2013-09-19 11.12.09 2013-09-19 11.12.25 2013-09-19 11.12.59 2013-09-19 11.14.26 2013-09-19 11.14.47 2013-09-19 11.15.09 2013-09-19 11.16.28
































2.The Face Shop Make Me Super Star Waterproof Gel Liner.

2013-09-19 11.17.03 2013-09-19 11.19.44 2013-09-19 11.20.02

2 nd photo :smudged

3 rd photo:Not smudged

My Opinion:

  • about waterproof – strong but not “oil proof”Xd at all ;after applications on my lid , when evening came ,eyeliner got smudged all over in my outer eye corner and some got smudged on my upper eyelid:(
  • The consistence of this gel liner is perfect for smoky eyes make -up, the rubber on the end of liner will help you smudge on your eye lid the lines.
  • glitters are not available
  • easy applications

Points: 4/5
























3.It’s Skin Mini Tint Gloss #Cherry Syrub

Swatches on hand,after application,  10 Minutes ,and 20 minutes  after

My opinion:

  1. nice scent(cherry)
  2. cute and small package
  3. adorable color, good for girls who preser light colored tint
  4. not so long lasting # Mango lasted a bit more.
  5. consistence is like the title says:a bit glossy but not sticky

Points: 4/5

2013-09-19 11.21.38 2013-09-19 12.47.00 2013-09-19 12.49.15 2013-09-19 13.10.55





















4. Too Cool for School -Rules of Trouble BB cream

I was really happy that seller picked these samples, because i read a lot of good reviews, and really wanted to buy samples first but the samples itself are around 5-6$ for small 3 items..while other samples you can get for 3-4$ for 10 samples.

So yes very glad that received this sample.

Swatches , on hand ,close ups, and overview of BB cream on my face.

My opinion:

  • coverage from medium to strong
  • effect glow
  • last around 5 hours
  • nice scent
  • too glowing for oily skin.
  • 3/5

2013-09-20 15.41.142013-09-20 12.35.502013-09-20 12.40.042013-09-20 12.36.08




















See you soon:)

PIC heavy.Missha CC BB cream Signature Beige short review and Face Shop Make me Superstar waterproof gel liner#6


Last time i ordered and bought a few things:)

So here it goes:,

1.Samples of Missha CC Cream Beige -(Black tube) + Face shop Make me Superstar Waterproof Eyeliner #6 Celebrity( Very Dark Olive with glitters)

And photos of products,swatches on hand,face, and Liner on eye:)

:Photo no 1 -the Products,no.2 Face it Make Me… swatches on hand-smudged and not smudged,no.3 on my eye^^

2nd Row -My bare face to sse the before and after with Missha CC BB cream==

3nd row: swatches on hand-first not blended and blended and applicated on my face plus Foto with blended on cheek.

4 row: Half face with BB CC cream and photo to see any difference with 50/50 covered face.

5row :Second photo – after 30 minutes and my jawline to check if my neck is different /lighter than face)

6 row: after 2 hours.


Missha Cordinating CC BB Cream -Beige.


+Medium —-Good coverage

+stay long on face

+good for more adult skin

– i got a feeling like with normal matte foundation- you can see on your face the color.

– a bit too dark for my fair skin, even after blending.

-Mask a like on face.

-Not good on warm/hot weather.

—would i buy it again?–NOPE

Face it Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner#6 Celebrity

+good for smoky eyes

+easy for smudging

+stay long

+lovely pearls

+nice color

-Would I buy it again?-YES and Already ordered Black Cat:D#1

2013-09-05 11.38.55 2013-09-05 11.39.43 2013-09-05 12.31.012013-09-05 11.49.45 2013-09-05 11.50.32 2013-09-05 11.50.54 2013-09-05 11.52.46 2013-09-05 11.53.09 2013-09-05 11.55.22 2013-09-05 11.55.58 2013-09-05 11.56.08  2013-09-05 12.21.36 
2013-09-05 13.06.17 2013-09-05 13.06.30