How about Apple Green?

Today I would like to post a few swatches of Karadium  Lip Tint Stick in Apple Green #03 and BBIA SHADE AND SHADOW #Charm

Let’s get started!


In tube stick is a real green but after application it turn in to glowy pink color.

The name says “.lip” but on official site we can see that we can use this tint also like a cheek tint!

Application with no problem- smoothly glides on lips and give them a good moisture.

After glow effect wear out the stain stays on lips around 2-3 hours.

2014-06-17 18.12.37 2014-06-17 13.15.37 2014-06-17 13.47.12 2014-06-17 13.49.35








last time I posted a review of BBIA S&S in Moody, and after that shadow I fell in love with this brand.

Charm is softl beige-pinky shadow, for girls who like cute and natural make up.

(on hand second swatch!)

2014-06-17 18.12.12 2014-06-17 13.43.39 2014-06-17 13.43.11 2014-06-17 13.42.12





















See you soon!





When a butterfly sit on Panda

Today post will be about HOLIKA HOLIKA NABI cream 25 SPF in #Lavender(2) and Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Sleeping pack.

So today I went to my post office and picked up my box from Korea.

As expected -as regular customer of one site with my 3 orders I received few samples which I was looking for:

Orders with samples:

2014-06-13 15.30.57






# HOLIKA HOLIKA Nabi Cream SPF 25 #Lavender( for combination/oily skin)

2014-06-13 15.32.24 2014-06-13 16.19.20 2014-06-13 16.19.47






Swatches on face -BARE FACE AND CC CREAM

2014-06-13 16.16.042014-06-13 16.16.242014-06-13 16.28.262014-06-13 16.30.582014-06-13 16.30.13





1st photo: No make up. 2nd close up to HH Nabi cream on my cheek. 3rd photo: light setting full make up with Nabi cream, 4rd natural setting( by window) and last overal look.

About Nabi Cream : hmm As CC cream the coverage is very light, a little shine very little shine, I would say 85% is matte finish. Whitening effect is realy visible. Light floral scent.Feels very light on skin, but not good enough for covering-you know if you have a perfect skin and need just slight make up with matte effect -this is for you.

My own skin is oily mostly, with reddnes and the matte effect is great, the whitening effect is reakky good- somehow covered my reddnes. I don’t need much of covering , however that cc cream has too light covering effect for me.

I think it will do a great deal while I in Japan and during day I would need a slight coverage, since the temps are too high for any BB/CC cream.

2. Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack

2014-06-13 15.33.05

2014-06-13 17.50.55 2014-06-13 17.51.16 2014-06-13 17.52.04






Honestly -how much white girl can go more white XD LOL.

I am already maybe  not white face but fair, so much that as for foundation and BB creams only the lightes shades can do.

But still…I wanted to whiten/brighten my skin a little bit.

So since one month I have been using a It’s Skin Whitening Formula ( whiten..right…veeery light whitening) which probably I will have to use a full boutle to see effect, Tony Moly Whitening Cream -great moisturing effect but for whitening hmmm slight work.

So I decided to try famous Panda products.

Sleeping pack- so I will post effect tomorrow  and after one month.

Wait for next post-SOON.<3