New site ebay seller reccomendation -discount event!

Another reccomendation for korean beauty cosmetic seller-this time ebay and presentation of his new site + discount event!


As we can see seller has a big discount event, for members(only). I still didn’t order anything from that site but I had to since 15$ discount is available!



“f2plus1”,probably a lot of you know this seller, the seller is quite well known ,one of the blog that I really like mentioned this seller a few times(

Seller has a lot of various brand to offer, even that one that you can’t find in korean shops website.

With every order you will receive free sample -1 order=2 samples and so on.

Contact is very fast,

Prices are reasonable.

Shipping time: up to 14 days


Let me know how for you all was shopping with shops I reccomended 🙂

Cosmetic Lover and 2nd shop introduction


Today another introduction post!


NonameAll korean cosmetic lovers probably know this shop :   currently my number 2.

This shop has a similar system as Points reward also exist.

However that shop has a lot bigger assortiment than previous one .

From Banila CO to other brand that i never knew that they exist:D

About the prices of product- well slightly higher than but the owner explained herself giving the reason-the post mail postage have become more pricely.

  • The difference between other shop in price is about 3$.
  • Contact is also very fast.
  • Shipping also free for economy mail
  • from 7-12 days (in Poland) till order arrive.

Definietly reccomend this shop.

See ya soon!

Korean Beauty Products Online Shop -introduction.

Good Morning everyone!

Today I would like to introduce my favourite online shop where I buy my korean cosmetics.

1st Place for


From very beginning till now, I am very satified with that shop.

1. Clear rules.

2. 3$ discount for joining.

3. Fast shipping from 7 days -13 days.(J usually receive my order after 11 days from submitting)

4. FREE international shipping (Economy Postage)

5. Points Discount – each product has  a point in price. after ordering , the website will sum up your point and then you can use it in two ways (discount point apply when order is min. 20$)

a) when order is more than 20$ you can apply the whole sum of point in the “Point to use” blanket and these point will change to “Discount”:)

in other words if you have order for 27$ and your points 150 -system will deduct from Total order payment these 150 point (1,50$) and you will pay less for order.

b) you can of course leave the point , if you wish to has more points/bigger discout and pay for usual quote for orders.

6. Really wonderfull contant with seller. The owner of site will reply to you very fast to any of your problems with order or questions.

In my case I put in the cart the wrong color (order wasn’t yet shipped thanks godness) and after writing to owner I asked for changing  the color of product. Reply arrived very fast and problem was resolved very quickly.

7. Samples! with each order you will receive free samples of many products.

8. Affordable prices of cosmetics:)

9. WEEK DISCOUNTS Brand! -each week discount for a lot of products!

Don’t hesistate for leaving your money there

PS. The owner of also has a ebay seller shop:)