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Let’s Glow!-Technic Highlighter

Trying to make up for my late abssencee:)

Today for evening

Technic Highlighter

Product and swatches on my hand

2014-03-07 11.42.26 2014-03-07 11.42.53









Swatches on my cheek( below the eye on left) -little smudge of light
2014-03-07 11.44.11









Short opinion

Truthfully I wanted to buy a Tony Moly Crystal Light Beam in Pink, but since I have never used a highlither in liquid form I decided to buy a cheaper (polish) version of such product-and I don’t regret:)
Highlighter has a slight pink color, but on face it changes to slight smudge of white pearl -but Thanks Godness these highlither glow isn’t like ones from market place:D Very nice healthy glow.

I love it:D!

Price 6$

Rating 5/5


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