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Ebay Haul 2:D

2 days ago i received my ebay orders

1.Lovely Mee:X perfume stick(it should be a Cheek stick-02 Coral Pong Pong),

Good afternoon BB cream#1 Skin Food,

It’s skin Q10 Effector Sebum control- really really works for oily skin<3 highly reccomended

Skin Food-Black Egg Skin Base-wonderful matte base,

These packages<3 oh LOL. can’t stand:D

okay and few words about these babies:

Perfume stick, the package is cute, and scent to, sweet and bit floral but fades quickly.3/5

Good afternoon BB cream Skin Food: a bit pinky-yellow tone (too much for me) but i’t not so big deal for me since the coverage is quite good, and my skin beside being covered ,still can breath. BB cream isnt shine type(thanks goddness) and has nice matte finish.4/5

Skin Food Black Egg Base– gel type with beige tone, which blend perfectly into skin. It works. finally i found ideal make up base. skin starting to get oily after 4 -5 hours(usually after 2 hours) i put Base BB cream Skin Food together with It’s Skin Effector at 11. am and after 3.30 pm the matte effect was still visible not so strong, but still not oily.5/5

It’s Skin Effectot Q10 -Sebum Control- fucking love that. my skin isn’t so oily with that. smell is bearable ,the spoon alike is handy.

i used to put that on my face after washing gel and toner.next was Base and BB cream. Together all 3 thing works wonderfull. 5/5

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